At only halfway the project’s duration, using the generated knowledge and insights of the studies performed thus far under the three fiels of expertise, VECTORIE managed to develop several vaccine candidates against WNV and CHIKV using two different state-of-the-art technology platforms for the production of vaccines. These vaccine candidates will now be tested for their protective capacity against WNV and CHIKV infection, and will be compared using the preclinical read-out systems that have been developed within this project.

At the end of 2013, it is expected that the generated knowledge and insights within VECTORIE have allowed for the development of a surveillance system and response plan appropriate for European countries to detect, predict and deal with emerging WNV and CHIKV outbreaks. In addition, the studies will lead to novel knowledge that will enable Europe to improve its ability to monitor the spread of these infections inEurope, and will lead to diagnostic and prognostic tools as well as novel strategies to treat infected patients. Finally, VECTORIE addressesEurope’s need for novel vaccine strategies for these vector-borne diseases, since an efficient approach to control outbreaks caused by WNV and CKIKV is vaccination of people at risk.


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